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Top 10 Reasons Why Websites are
Essential for all Small Businesses

The Internet is an indispensable tool in the daily lives of consumers today. The widespread availability of cell phones has enabled the general public to access the internet in ways that were previously impossible. Smartphones have allowed people to move beyond simple phone calls, texts, or enjoying a game. People frequently utilize their mobile phones to conduct searches on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And why? search for small businesses nearby to find the products and services they want or need. Are they looking at your business?

Because of the rapidly evolving online business landscape, the universal interest in digital technology, and shifting consumer behaviors, it is now essential for all small businesses to have an attractive internet presence.

Simply put: having a strong online presence with a professionally designed website is key to welcoming new customers and increased sales!

Here are the top ten reasons why a good, professionally designed and managed website is essential for the success of your small business:

1. Your website is always open.
No matter what time of day it is, a customer can go online and find your business website with a simple Google search. At their convenience, they can then learn about what your business offers, see when you are open, ask questions, and find out how to purchase your products and/or services. Your doors are always open online!

2. Customer expect to find you online.
A business website is no longer an exception – it is an expectation. It is a bridge between you and potential consumers - an ultimate customer service tool. Consumers today customarily check out business websites to get information, such as all-important consumer reviews and product/service information and availability.

3. A website builds trust and credibility.
Many people question the legitimacy or quality of a business that does not have a professional-looking website. Companies with good websites look more professional and more credible than those that don't have one or have one with a ‘home-made’ look. Building trust in your brand is another key component to building long-lasting relationships with customers.

4. Your competition has a website. 
Potential customers will often compare businesses before purchasing. Your informative, well-designed website will immediately set your business above any competition that doesn’t even have one. Your chances of winning that new customer will be greatly enhanced! 

5. Customers are MOBILE.
In today's busy world, consumers are always on the go, and their smartphones are usually in their hands. Those devices are often used to look up information, reviews, or directions to local shops, or to order services.  Over half of all internet traffic is estimated to come from mobile devices.

Consumers will often snap pictures of businesses they like, upload them to review sites such as Yelp and Google Business Profiles, or share them on social media platforms. This valuable ‘free advertising and promotion’ for your business becomes much easier when customers can point to a mobile-optimized professional website.

Plainly said: Your website must be mobile-friendly - easy to view, use, and share on those smaller devices


6. Online ordering is becoming common.
In today’s changing business world, ordering products and services online is fast becoming a preference for many consumers. And, it is likely here to stay. Just as email became a necessity for businesses once the internet made it possible, online ordering is now necessary for small businesses.

Online ordering is not only an expected convenience for customers but also a boon for small businesses.  As a small business owner, you can sell more and increase your profits - because your website sells around the clock!


7. Expand your market reach.
Having a well-structured online presence allows you to expand your outreach to potential customers well beyond your local market area. New doors of sales opportunities and profit will be opened to your business! 

8. Increases Revenue.
A well-structured website not only informs customers about your best-selling products but also helps convince them to make a purchase. With a strategic marketing campaign and ads to raise visibility, your website will boost sales and increase business revenue.

9. "But business is already good."

Some small business owners think that because their business is good today, they don’t really need a website. However, no one can predict what the future will bring.

The recent pandemic is a good example of how unpredictable things can be. The shopping habits of many consumers changed overnight during and after the pandemic. The small business owners with a solid online presence were better prepared to satisfy the innumerable consumers who switched to shopping virtually.

The small businesses with well-designed websites before the pandemic had further ‘future-proofing’ by having an established client base. Through previous customer reviews and/or sign-ups for free offer promotions, they could communicate with their customers - whether times are good or bad!

Again, plainly speaking: Preparing and planning for the future by establishing a strong digital online presence today can provide stability and growth for times when business is not so good. 

10. It's more affordable than your think.
Web design is now more affordable than ever. Web designers such as can quickly create a professional website for you at a very reasonable cost. In fact, it may be more costly not to have an attractive, up-to-date online presence!

In summary, the benefits of having a well-structured small business website go far beyond just making it easy to find information about your business. It will allow you to interact with current and prospective customers, present special offers and promotions, sell your products online, give you an unforgettable brand identity, outshine your competition, and increase your search engine visibility. And best of all, websites work overtime – all the time - to your success! Don't settle for a limited online presence. Invest in a professional website and take your business to the next level.
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